Our Story

Meet our CEO, Breyanna Mikel!

Breyanna has always considered her hair care regimen and routine to be therapeutic.  There's something so soothing about mixing and matching oils and butters to use on her hair.  She is the queen of versatility with hair styles and her handcrafted hair care products have always been her go to for each style.  From defined twistouts to locking in moisture with her locs, Breyanna always wanted to take care of her crown in the most holistic and natural way possible.

After experiencing hair loss due to environmental stressors in 2020 and seeing how many Black women have been impactedby the same thing, Breyanna began experimenting with new oil and butter blends to help her revitalize her crown and grow her hair back. 

Fast forward to February 2021 and Crowned Jewels ATL was born.  Crowned Jewels is  an everyday and affordable luxury.  Your hair is the crown you rock and wear every day!